Powerful Cleaning System

We can make just about any carpet, tile and upholstery look and smell like new again with our amazingly powerful, eco-friendly line of cleaning products. Call today to get FRESH again!

Our Cleaning System

Our proprietary cleaning system has been field tested by generations of family cleaning specialists. We use many products to clean your carpet, tile and upholstery. Read all about our eco-friendly products here.


Powerful Pre-Spray

Original Pre-Spray - We treat your carpet, tile & grout, garage floors, synthetic rugs, and other surfaces with our powerful yet safe Original pre-spray to loosen and remove contaminants. This non-toxic, enviro-safe formula contains no d-limonen, no butyls, no solvents, no oxidizers and no NTA. It has a pleasant fresh lemon scent that fights odors and lingers after the cleaning is complete, leaving a positive, fresh-smelling scent for you to enjoy.

Fragrance Free Pre-Spray - We also offer Fragrance Free, hypoallergenic pre-spray for those sensitive to fragrances and other chemicals. There is a small up-charge for this premium product.

Super-Duty Pre-Spray - We also offer a Super-Duty oxidizer and enzyme solution for really tough stains. Super-Duty features the same great formula of our original pre-spray PLUS an added oxidizer and enzyme to power through the toughest, greasiest, grimiest soils. Super-Duty relies on a high-performing oxidizer pus a fast-acting protein enzyme to digest oily deposits and organic soils. It breaks down thick, sticky binders that hold onto dirt and soiling, emulsifying them for easy removal. Super-Duty is Fragrance Free. There is a small up-charge for this premium product.

Tile & Grout Pre-Spray - This amazing product removes soils and stains on tile and grout that has been neglected for years. It is effective against rust, scale, mineral deposits, body oils, soap scum and more. Tile & Grout Spray actually removes a very thin layer of grout, taking with it all hard water deposits and efflorescence, thus renewing tile and grout to its former beauty and easy cleaning. 

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Pre-Spray - This product has a pleasant, fresh, light scent that is safe for fine fabrics, wool & upholstery. It helps brighten fabrics and wool. Upholstery Pre-Spray is a very unique upholstery, fine fabric & wool cleaner, which has been tested for performance. This special blend of wetting agents and emulsifiers are designed to remove tough oils and soils commonly found in upholstery fibers. It is un-equaled in its ability to cut through body oils, odors and every day household wear and tear of your fine fabrics, upholstery, wool carpets and rugs. 

Odor Elimination (Including Pet Stains & Odors)

Once your surface is clean again, we can even eliminate long standing odors to make it smell fresh and pleasant again. Odor Elimination effectively destroys odors at the source and infuses the items with a fresh Lime or Eucalyptus Mint scent. It is a powerful deodorizer that absorbs, modifies, destroys and eliminates the worst odors hiding in carpet, upholstery, mattresses and more. This product delivers outstanding results against stubborn malodors from urine, vomit, skunk spray, garbage, mildew, smoke, sewer backup, organic decay, cooking odors and more.

Odor Elimination does not just cover up the odor with overpowering fragrances that will fade over time. Who wants carpet that smells like cat urine and flowers? Not us! Our product features odor-destroying technology that eliminates odors at their source. There is a small up-charge for this premium product.

Surface Sealer

Now that your surface is clean and fresh smelling, let's get it sealed to help protect against future staining. Surface Sealer forms an invisible barrier that utilizes penetrating fluorinated-polymer technology to ward off spills and stains on carpet, upholstery, rugs, PLUS tile and grout, and stone! It protects against damage and staining caused by food spills, dirt, grime, and oily messes. With Surface Sealer, most common spills can simply be blotted up using a clean towel! There is a small up-charge for this premium product.

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*Some stains will incur an additional charge. While heat extraction can get out most stains, we cannot guarantee all stain removal. Get more details from your technician.

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